About us

Our mission is to establish long-lasting supplement manufacturing relationships.

Aoratos Nature provides turnkey manufacturing services of high-quality Dietary supplements at competitive prices. Founded in California in 1995, We helped customers become successful in the health and wellness supplementation market by leading the industry in full-service health supplement manufacturing. Everything is done in house – from product manufacturing to product testing, packaging and labeling – and is backed by the Aoratos Nature guarantee of the highest in quality standards of compliance.

Aoratos Nature has wide range of experience in manufacturing custom formulas and offers custom Dietary supplement manufacturing. We are a Full-Service Dietary Supplement Manufacturer that Provides turnkey manufacturing services.

Mission Statement of Aoratos Nature, Inc

With the advancement of Western and Eastern medicine over the years, including electronic
health diagnosis and records, genetic testing, big data analysis, and AI (Artificial Intelligence),
personalized medicine in healthcare is one of the most promising endeavors in tackling human
health issues that thus far have eluded healthcare professionals and researchers in finding
effective treatments or cures. Aoratos envisions a system in which doctors, pharmacists, and
other healthcare providers can customize treatment and management plans for individuals by
providing them with an array of personalized options such as health information, prescription
medications , health counseling, and high-quality nutritional supplements. In essence, the end
goal of Aoratos is to help you achieve optimal health based on your individual needs.

Our goal at Aoratos Nature is to partner with our customers to create the best products possible through custom formulation, in-house label design and other services that we offer. Additionally, through our sister company, Active Sports Distribution, we market and sell some of the health and fitness industry’s most popular supplements to retail stores worldwide. With the Nutraceutical industry approaching $85 billion annually, we are excited to become a leader in this arena. Our experienced management team is committed to bringing ethics and professionalism to the forefront of the industry.

Customer service and satisfaction is our specialty and we take pride in ensuring you get exactly what you want with industry-leading lead times. We don’t just want to make your supplements, we want to help you build your Brand.


Choose one of our stock product formulas or have us create your own custom formula. We will walk you through this process.


Let our experts assist you in creating an awesome new logo and labels or you can use your current brand.


Determine the quantity of product you would like to start with. Place your order. Start selling!