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Our mission is to establish long-lasting supplement manufacturing relationships.

We believe most businesses can receive a better outcome form their contract manufacturing projects. That’s why we formed Aoratos Naure.

Our objective is to make the supplement manufacturing process straightforward for our customers. 

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Manufacturing – Private Label – Wholesale


Offering a wide range of popular supplements, Aoratos Nature can produce virtually any product you are looking for. We specialize in Sports Nutrition Manufacturing with pre, intra and post workout, recovery, fat burners and all types of proteins. We also manufacturer all the popular nutraceuticals including; Garcinia Cambogia, Rasberry Keytones, Colon Cleanses, Energy Blends and much more.


At Aoratos Nature, we pride ourselves on not only manufacturing high quality Sports Nutrition, All-Natural, and cutting-edge supplements, but also helping customers like yourself take their Brand to the next level.


Private Labeling offers you the ability to sell high quality supplements without the need to create your own formulas or invest tens of thousands of dollars in product.


Aoratos Nature excels at preparing the package and label design for nutritional supplements because we address all aspects of interaction: visual, tactile, information. Our graphic designers take pride in delivering the whole package.